“I have worked diligently on "Putting Mooresville First" since being elected Mayor in 2011. I am passionate about the greater Mooresville community and believe we have made significant strides towards becoming a seamless town.  A place where citizens in all neighborhoods enjoy safe streets, reliable infrastructure, access to amenities, and more opportunities for

a good quality of life.”

“By running in 2015 I am committed to continued work in creating a vibrant community and prioritizing ideas that further develop a strong local economy.  From community to economy to government accountability, you can be sure I will continue Putting Mooresville First!”

“I thank you for allowing me to represent Mooresville and I ask for your vote on November 3, 2015.”

"As Mayor of Mooresville, I have worked hard to actively guide us in being a model community and regional leader.  More jobs, sound infrastructure, a better quality

of life...those things don't just happen.  You have to make them happen."

                                                                                                                                      - Miles Atkins

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​          ​​MILES ON HIS 2015 CAMPAIGN