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“As Mayor I’ve seen first-hand how our town government works and, more importantly, how it can work more efficiently to bring about the kind of change that is good for all of Mooresville.”

                                                               - Miles Atkins

                                          ''The key to getting things done is

                                            connecting people. Often I find that

                                            the right people are already in place, they just need to focus on the greater good to be energized, utilized and encouraged to work together.''
        - Miles Atkins

"As Mayor, I have worked hard to actively guide us in being a model community and a regional leader.  More jobs, a sound infrastructure, a better quality of life...those things don't just happen.  You have to make them happen."

                                                                                                             - Miles Atkins

In 2007, Miles Atkins was elected to serve as a commissioner at large for the Town of Mooresville. He ran on a platform of visionary leadership, accountability, and transparency.  Miles ran for Mayor of Mooresville in 2011, focusing on combining the strengths of all of Mooresville, developing a strong economy and continuing to press for accountable governing.  Miles was sworn in as Mayor for the Town of Mooresville in December of 2011, and has been leading our community to success ever since.