Miles Atkins  was elected to serve as the Mayor of Mooresville, NC in 2011, after representing his community as a Town Commissioner At-large from 2007 - 2011.  During his tenure as Mayor, Mooresville has seen phenomenal economic development, community growth, and a connectivity that has helped change the landscape of how this beloved town is regarded - both by its citizens and by outside municipalities.  Miles embraces Mooresville in its entirety, and believes that all neighborhoods and businesses deserve the same access to assets that can help improve quality of life.​

As Mayor, Miles believes strongly in direct, transparent communications with all residents on both the positive growth and the current issues facing the Town of Mooresville.  His leadership philosophies can be summed up in two principles: Putting Mooresville First and Moving Mooresville Forward.  He is known for being a hands-on elected official that is accessible, fair, and genuine.  His love for his community is truly sincere, and his ethics are unparalleled in today's political landscape.

Read more about Miles' track record and the numbers behind Mooresville's fiscally responsible growth on the Moving Mooresville Forward page.  

​​"As Mayor of Mooresville, I have worked hard to actively guide us in being a model community and regional leader.  More jobs, sound infrastructure, a better quality of life...those things don't just happen.

You have to make them happen."  - Miles Atkins

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