► Completed Patterson/Bell Area Infrastructure Improvements include sidewalks, curb & gutter, pavement & storm drainage

► Completed “Connector Road” linking Hwy 115 & Hwy 21.

► Completed Exit 35, widening of Brawley School Road, Fieldstone, Magnolia, Academy Street

► West Wilson Road Improvements include:  multi-use path, curb & gutter, pavement & storm drainage.

► West McLelland Road Improvements include: sidewalks, curb & gutter, full depth rebuilds, storm drain

 Main Street/Statesville Avenue Intersection Improvements

► Infrastructure Improvements: Mill Village Improvements include utility & storm water improvements, sidewalks, curb & gutter. Mooresville School Sidewalks connecting several subdivisions to Mooresville Middle & Rocky River Elementary

Find more information on the Town projects here.

Featured image: Mayor Miles Atkins, Town Commissioner Lisa Qualls and State Senator Vickie Sawyer meet with U.S. Senator Richard Burr concerning potential solutions to east-west connections and Mooresville's USDOT BUILD Grand application to fund the project.

NCDOT Projects

► NC 150/NC115 Intersection Improvements
► NC 150/NC801 Intersection Improvements

 NC 150 Widening
► NC115/Faith Road/Intersection Improvements

► Brawley School Rd. Widening

► Williamson Rd. Widening

► N. 115 Widening

► Oates Rd. – Midnight Ln. Overpass

Infrastructure and Traffic:  One of our Biggest Challenges

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Town of Mooresville Projects

One of the biggest issues facing Mooresville is traffic. Approximately 90% of the roads in Mooresville are owned, managed and maintained by North Carolina Department of Transportation (NC DOT).  See comprehensive map of road designations.

In 2014; Mooresville voters did pass a GO Bond and due to the passage of that bond, Mooresville is in the process of bidding, awarding and implementing quite a few road and sidewalk projects including: 115/Faith Road intersection, 150/801 intersection, Mill Village sidewalks & more. For a project to be designed, bid, accepted by NC DOT, have right of way acquisition, utilities moved, be awarded and implemented, it literally takes years and years.

During Miles Atkins time as Mayor, funding has been secured for $160 Million in transportation infrastructure improvements. Mayor Atkins has taken a firm stance in assistance from developers and the state in alleviating the road issues, including writing letters requesting discretionary funds for Mooresville from the state, resulting in an additional $200,000+ in allotments. Projects completed and in motion are:

Helpful to know: If a road is numbered as an NC or US route, it is a major road that is maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The town maintains a map, referred to as the Powell Map, that shows which roads are maintained by the town and which roads are maintained by the state.

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