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​​“Mooresville is an engine for job growth.  It’s essential for us to bring high wage jobs to our community and to provide the resources to get people back to work in good jobs with increased earning potential.”


Economic & Workforce Development Under Mayor Atkins' Leadership

Since Miles took office as Mayor, over $1.78 billion in investments have been made by local, regional, and global companies and 4,862 net new jobs have been announced*. These investments help pay for infrastructure improvements, business and industrial park developments/renovations and provide employment opportunities. Workforce development for ALL segments of the population has been a major priority since day one.  Miles has personally helped to develop programs that fill the skilled trade and technical gaps, as well as a special focus on increasing the opportunities for local veterans.


*Investment/Job data provided by Iredell Economic Development Corp.

Continued Commitment to the Heart of Mooresville

Since Mayor Atkins took office, almost $28 million in private investments and over $7 million in public investments have been made in Downtown Mooresville.  Downtown Mooresville revitalization and investments (both public and private) have also been a major priority during Miles’ tenure.  Downtown supports a multitude of small businesses, local entrepreneurs, and independent business owners, which means in turn that jobs are kept local and actual residents are prospering together.


Shopping independently owned business also keeps 3x to 4x the amount of tax dollars in the community, as compared to chains.  This past year has seen some incredible investments in Downtown Mooresville, with the opening of Broad Street Place (new retail space and 8 apartments) and the completion of Mill One (dining/shopping and 90 apartments).  The town also supports a grant program in partnership with the Mooresville Downtown Commission that aids independent Downtown Mooresville business owners with start-up and restoration costs.  Additional areas of focus include a plan for comprehensive downtown parking strategies.

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